Hello! Let's be real, your 20s are a weird time - with juggling independence, significant life changes, romance, finances, and self-discovery simply scratching the surface - getting 8hrs of sleep is an achievement.

I'm Abbie, the designer & owner of Twenty Something Jewelry LLC. When I'm not hustling for my small business, I am working as a licensed psychotherapist for child and teens. Although my passion lies with helping my clients, I'm also an artistic, free-spirited individual who has always worn obnoxiously-big, funky earrings and longs for a creative outlet after a busy day. So why not incorporate my style and original spirit into something I love?

Twenty Something Jewelry was established with the above in mind. Our pieces are meant to be affordable and a statement to eliminate needing excessive, expensive fashion pieces to stand out. While our 20s may be intimidating in many aspects, there is great beauty in the decade because we can be adventurous, rebellious, wild, bold, and ultimately lovely with minor repercussions. No matter your age, why wouldn’t you want to strive to be what twenty-something encapsulates?
So welcome all and let's be twenty-something together.